Summer School

Summer School

There is huge interest in our very popular London based premium Summer School, with an amazing amount of students flying in from Spain, Dubai, Singapore, Italy and Nigeria. We therefore recommend you book early to secure a place for your child to attend the 3 weeks. The sessions run from 9.00am to 1.00pm and the 11+ runs for a longer time.

11+ Summer School Course –  9.00am to 3.15pm, covering Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

This is a brilliant time of year to study and one which we also try to ensure is fun and enjoyable. The quality programmes are carefully designedby our expert writers ensuring there is an even pace of learning, with breaks to help each student attain their maximum learning potential in the allocated time. Tutors work closely with parents and keep them regularly updated on the progress of their child during the Parent/Tutor Consultation meetings. These consultations are a time for parents to establish how their child is progressing, obtain more detailed feedback as many continue onto our  term time Saturday courses.

At Summer School we offer the Phonics Reading Course and Maths and English Course with the Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning at the 11+ level.


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The Phonics Reading Course, incorporates the phonics worksheets, phonic exercises, reading and hand writing, in just 4 hours.  The family can then enjoy the rest of the afternoon together knowing their child absorbed all that learning in just 4 hours of focused, fun learning. A detailed report of progress is also provided for each student attending the Summer School.




The Maths and English Course really benefits students attending each day for the full 4 hours over the 3 week periodi.e. 2 hours Maths and 2 hours English. The course covers the fundamental in vocabulary, conversational English, English grammar rules, spelling, mental maths, maths worksheets and the national curriculum maths. Huge value for your child! Parents are often amazed how much their child has learnt in such a short space of time. Covering a vast amount of the curriculum aligned with the academic year; many of our students return to school refreshed and fully understanding the requirements of their school assignments obtaining remarkable grades.


The benefits of attending Summer School

1. Enhanced Learning – Our Summer Schools are designed to be 15 days of strong learning for your child. Each student receives a workbook and taught the fundamental skills for their age and level ability.

2. Location – Many of our Summer Schools are in modern buildings in North London – Edgware, Bushey or Rickmansworth. Each building is unique with some amazing architectural features which are modern and clean – a great learning environment. There are also picnic areas and vibrant green grass for students to play on during the break.

3. Age & Ability – Each child attends an Open Day where they are assessed to establish which class they should attend. While undertaking a short assessment, parents can attend the Summer School Presentation at 9.15am or 11.30am at the London Academy on a Saturday during term time.

4. Friendly Professional Staff – Our trained, friendly and professional staff are prepared to go the extra mile to help students who attend the Little Big Leaders Summer School the opportunity to better enhance their learning skills.

5. Excellent Value – Little Big Leaders Summer School takes place for 3 great weeks during the summer. The value of those three weeks is tremendous when you compare it to the cost of childcare where they are not learning as intensely as they could.

6. Better Assessment Results – Little Big Leaders undertakes regular research to establish the assessment criteria for many top schools in the areas and design the Workbooks as much as possible to equip students to be ready for that all important assessment day.

7. Everything Included – We provide the quality Workbooks for your child to undertake the powerful learning in such a short space of time. There are clear instructions with first class tutors on hand to help support your child as and when required.

8. Real Results –the Workbooks are completed each day providing real results of the work undertaken that day. There is loads to cover and it is vital your child attends daily to obtain maximum results.


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Maths and English are combined as one module for those attending the Summer School. This is to ensure students obtain the maximum learning in just 15 days. The Maths and English run from 9am to 1.00pm for specific levels. The 4 hours are broken down into 2 hours of Maths and 2 hours of English. We run various themes throughout the summer programme and thus it is vital students undertake all 3 weeks to aid their progression, as the lessons get progressively harder as the weeks progress. There is a lot to get through in the allocated time so the pace is quite fast and upbeat. For this reason we use professional tutors who are well equipped to tutor students at different ability levels. The Summer School courses are as follows:-



Phonics Reading Programme


Year 2


Year 4


11+ Programme – this is a unique programme which runs over a longer day from 9.00am to 3.15pm. It covers Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Again, quite an intense programme, but one in which the students get the opportunity to work on their own, discuss vital topics and work in groups. The pace is fast and upbeat to keep the momentum going for each student. Many are amazed at how quickly the time goes and also at how much they cover in such a short pace of time. Students go onto to undertake some vital assessments later in the year and many continue with our 11+ term time course in September.




Dates for Summer School


London Academy & Rickmansworth School

Monday 23rd July to Friday 10th August 2018 (3 weeks)

Bushey Academy

Monday 30th July to Friday 10th August 2018 (2 weeks)


Lesson Duration

Phonics Reading & Writing Programme – 4 hours i.e. 2 hours teaching and 2 hours homework with periodic breaks

Maths & English– 2 hours Maths and 2 hours English with periodic breaks

11+ Summer School Course –  9.00am to 3.15pm, covering Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.


After School Club

We are run an excellent after school club if you are not able to collect your child until later in the day. At the after school club children undertake any homework required to completed, outdoor activities plus arts and crafts activities which they really enjoy. This can be booked when you book a place for your child to attend or on an ad hoc basis. If you would like your child to attend the after school club, then please do provide an adequate snack for them to eat.


Open Day

At our Open Day children undertake an assessment, attend a lesson and receive a FREE Phonics Worksheet and a Maths and/or English Worksheets. The Open Day events take place each Saturday during term time of which the dates are under the “Open Day” section of the website. Attend an Open Day where your child can receive the FREE phonics or Maths and English Worksheet.


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How to book a place for your child to attend the Summer School

We accept a variety of Childcare Vouchers should parents wish to pay via this payment method as we cannot reserve places because the demand for places is very high. We only have a set number of students attending our unique Phonics with Writing, Maths and English Courses for Children in North London at London Academy, BusheyAcademy or Rickmansworth School, to ensure all those attending obtain an excellent amount of learning in the allocated time. You need to book early, due to the high demand for places.


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