Summer School

Get Ready to Learn!

Summer School is a time for structured learning but fun also during a great time of the year. A child’s mind is always developing and as the summer holidays are very long why not continue that fun learning in an exciting environment with other children keen to learn.

Our Summer School covers Maths and English for students aged 5 years upwards to 13 years who either attend a state or provide school or who are student travelling from abroad. The Summer School runs for 3 intensive weeks from 9.00 to 1.00 with an extended time of 3.30pm for students in the 11+ class.


We provide excellent material drafted by our expert team of writers and designers who create modern content to simulate young minds. A child is constantly learning and we aim to excel the learning even further so when a child returns to school in September they apply all theknowledge learnt and excel

Summer School aims:

  • To bring out the best in students.
  • To provide excellent learning environment
  • To provide students with workable material
  • To provide high class tutors to deliver quality material
  • To provide quality material for students to refer back to as and when required
  • To stimulate the creative minds through creative writing
  • To provide mental arithmetic methods to better enhance the ability of the child
  • To provide excellent value for student who attend
  • To provide a Summer School which is local



The students are provided with breaks throughout their time at the Summer School. It is advisable to provide them with a substantial lunch to include water so they can sit and eat with their fellow classmates, weather permitting, then the students eat and play in a supervised area.

Students make friends with other students and we find this really helps improve the learning no end. They work on examples together so they collectively feel more confident about their learning and what they achieved.

We understand the value of running a Summer School for students who want to learn and we are keen to teach all the students who attend and suggest you also recommend your friends and family to such a great opportunity so they too can provide an excellent learning foundation for their child.

Once you attend Summer School we strongly advise you highly recommend you book this year for next year.

The learning does not stop at Summer School as you have the unique opportunity to continue that learning at our Saturday School from the Autumn Term