Summer School 2018

What is the best investment you can make this summer for your child?


You know it is really amazing when parents fly their children in to London from Singapore, Nigeria, India and Turkey to the Little Big Leaders Summer School and then some parents can’t even make it from the surrounding areas near to Edgware, Bushey or Rickmansworth. Crazy. Right!


We had a student attending our Phonics & Writing Course during the Summer School and mum advised her daughter could not read. She only found out about us in the second week of our Summer School, took three buses to get to us and once her daughter completed the two weeks she was reading fluently. Mum could not believe it and both parents started crying, knowing, they made a small investment to enable their child to read. It was incredible to see tears in her husband’s eyes with amazement and such gratitude for making a difference for their child, giving her the opportunity to move up a level at school when she return in September and being recognized for her efforts… you know some parents come back to us in September upset that their child cannot remember what they did in school the previous academic term. All they need to do was enrol their child onto the Little Big Leaders Summer School.


What will your child be doing this summer – playing in the park or attending structured lessons in Phonics, Maths or English for a remarkable 2 or 3 weeks. The latter is achievable and we want to make it affordable for you to send your child to the Little Big Leaders Summer School. We want to provide you with a remarkable and affordable offer, of which you need to take advantage of this offer, while it lasts.

Little BIG Leaders are open for their Summer School bookings from today and want you to be the first to know about our remarkable 5% Summer School Exclusive Discount Offer to you – our loyal client. This offer is for a limited time and ends mid-day, Tuesday.


Summer School Dates & Time – Rickmansworth School

Rickmansworth School- 3 weeks

Monday 23rd July to Friday 10th August – 3 weeks

9am to 1pm

11+ course – 9am to 3.15pm


Summer School Dates & Time – Bushey Academy

Bushey Academy – 2 weeks

Monday 30th July to Friday 10th August – 2 weeks

9am to 1pm

11+ course – 9am to 3.15pm


Summer School Dates & Time – London Academy

London Academy – 3 weeks

Monday 23rd July to Friday 10th August – 3 weeks

9am to 1pm

11+ course – 9am to 3.15pm

Each location provides ample FREE parking and easy to travel to via, local transport or road.


As many of you already know, we pride ourselves in being the best at delivering a professional and well organised Summer School providing high quality

material in a fabulous environment. We provide children from the age of 3.5 to 11 years with either our Phonics with Writing or Maths and English Course in a location near to where you live.


Our expert tutors have an excellent track record with us and many already know or tutored your child during this really exciting time of year of learning. Our tutors are keen to continue that strong learning and really look forward to your child joining us for 2 or 3 fabulous weeks of remarkable learning. The lessons they deliver are all high impact with loads of powerful material for your child to absorb while attending the 3 weeks of Summer School. We are aware many of you will be flying in for the Summer School and pleased you are also able to recommend friends in other parts of the world.


The benefits of attending Summer School

  1. Enhanced Learning– Our Summer Schools are designed to be 15 days of strong learning for your child. Each student receives a workbook and taught the fundamental skills for their age and level ability.


  1. Location– Many of our Summer Schools are in modern buildings in North London – Edgware, Watford or Rickmansworth. Each building is unique with some amazing architectural features which are modern and clean – a great learning environment. There are also picnic areas and vibrant green grass for students to play on during the break.


  1. Age & Ability– Each child attends an Open Day where they are assessed to establish which class they should attend. While undertaking a short assessment, parents can attend the Summer School Presentation at 9.15am or 11.30am at the London Academy, Bushey Academy or Rickmansworth School on a Saturday during term time.


  1. Friendly Professional Staff– Our trained, friendly and professional staff are prepared to go the extra mile to help students who attend the Little BIG Leaders Summer School the opportunity to better enhance their learning skills.


  1. Excellent Value– Little BIG Leaders Summer School takes place for 3 great weeks during the summer. The value of those three weeks is tremendous when you compare it to the cost of childcare where they are not learning as intensely as they could.


  1. Better Assessment Results Little Big Leaders undertakes regular research to establish the assessment criteria for many top schools in the areas and design the Workbooks as much as possible to equip students to be ready for that all important assessment day.


  1. Everything Included– We provide the quality Workbooks for your child to undertake the powerful learning in such a short space of time. There are clear instructions with first class tutors on hand to help support your child as and when required.


  1. Real Results–the Workbooks are completed each day providing real results of the work undertaken that day. There is loads to cover and it is vital your child attends daily to obtain maximum results.


Summer School Dates & Time

Rickmansworth School – Monday 23rd July to Friday 3rd August (2 weeks)

Bushey Academy – Monday 30th July to Friday 10th August (2 weeks)

 Academy – Monday 24th July to Friday 11th August – (3 weeks)

9am to 1pm

11+ course – 9am to 3.15pm

Tutoring Centres of Excellence




Payment can me made online, at one of our local centres tomorrow – Saturday or via Childcare Vouchers.

You can book a place for your child to attend by contacting us right now.

Call NOW 02036376266 (24/7 call handling – weekdays, evenings & all weekend)

Come visit a centre – tomorrow – Saturday. I am sure you would agree you are making a substantial saving with this 5%  discount offer. Hurry while this offer lasts as you only have until mid-day Tuesday. Call now 02036376266.


Act Now as places are going quickly.


Suzanne Edwards