Saturday School

Saturday School

Saturday School takes place at our London centres - London Academy and Bushey Academy which covers Phonics with Writing, Maths and English Course. These provide an excellent opportunity for your child to better enhance their learning potential in great learning environments with highly professional tutors. Each course is uniquely designed to obtain the full potential from each student so they can apply that knowledge to school and their assessments when undertaking the 4+, 5+, 7+ or 11+assessments.

During the lesson students are provided with Workbooks and taught material which they then practice themselves and continue for homework. The results are very encouraging and if you would like to attend an Open Day for your child to undertake a free assessment and attend a lesson, then please do call now on 020 8213 3100.

Is your child having problems reading?

Literacy is the ability to read and write. It encompasses a range of lifelong skills from understanding the spoken word, decoding letters, understanding the combination of codes and sounds which enhances the ability to read and write.

When a child is taught from a young age to read and write, this can make a huge difference on their cognitive development as well as how they understand and interpret information.

Here are some Benefits of Reading: -

  1. Provide a wide variety of reading material

When a child starts to learn to read and write, it is advisable to also provide them with us much stimulation as possible other than just books. Every time you are out with your child encourage them to read different types of reading materials, like signs in a supermarket, maps, road signs, headlines in quality newspapers and read different styles of books to name a few. The more exposure your child has to these different items the more they are enhancing their reading skills and the ability to understand what they read.

  1. Provide knowledge and information

To enable a child to understand the world we live in, it is vital they acquire the skill to be able to read and understand what they have read so they acquire that fundamental knowledge and information and are able to articulate what they have read.

  1. Provides strong analytical skills

Once a child masters the skill of reading and writing they could further develop strong analytical skills. This could provide them with the ability to understand what they have read by working out a complex plot, well developed characters or interrelated scenes.

Phonics & Writing Course

We teach children to learn how to read and write. This is a very complex process and one which can be developed in a structured way. Students are taught how to read what they have written and we work with you to develop the full potential of your child. This means attending the lessons on a weekly basis during term time or at our Summer School and undertaking regular homework as instructed.

The Phonics & Writing Course is divided in accordance with the ability of your child so children can join at any time at an appropriate level. They must however, continue with the work allocated to them and complete the reading and writing exercises allocated for the duration of the course.


The benefits of the Phonics and Writing Course means children: -

  1. Read and write more fluently
  2. Understand what they have written
  3. Improve their writing skills
  4. Improve their concentration

Course Duration

This could be for one, two or three terms which is dependent upon the child’s reading ability which we can assess at our centre. Once we establish their reading ability which is a guide we would them allocate them to a lesson appropriate to their reading age where they would learn with other students of a similar ability. Here they can make new friends which enables them to enjoy the leaning.

Lesson Duration

Term Time – 2 hours per lesson with a short break
Summer School – 4 hours i.e. 2 hours teaching and 2 hours homework with periodic breaks

Call now to book to attend an Open Day 020 3637 6266

English Course

Our English Programme is designed specifically to enhance the ability of the students aged 5 to 11 years who attend the programme and undertake the homework. The students are taught by tutors’ keen to teach and go the extra mile to make a difference.

We undertake assessments to establish which level ability the student should attend. Our programmes are based on level ability and the age of the child. The two combined complement where the student is and provides the basis of what more they can learn. We use this as the benchmark for the assessments. It must be noted that these assessments are just a guide and are by no means fixed. We are aware students are exposed to different learning environments, whether this be their school, home or private tutoring. This could impact on the assessment in that their maybe some elements they may have already covered and we aim to establish the elements they are yet to learn.

The English language is a complex language to learn and one which is used and taught throughout the world and there is also business English which many learn so they can transact in English.

We aim to teach the foundations of the English Language which incorporates grammar, spelling, creative writing and different styles of writing as well as comprehension. The latter being fundamental and we start this process from a very young age with a basic text for a child to understand and think about the meaning of the contents so they can answer the questions. As the student grows older the material becomes more complex.

We aim to provide booklets with containing quality material and the tutor teaches the examples. The student guided by the tutor then work through the booklet Learning Sheets. The aim is to stretch the student further which contributed toward them excelling in readiness for school or fundamental assessments.

Keep the balance of learning we also ensure we make it fun for the students so they enjoy the learning experience and thus this contributes towards life-long learning for the student.


Little Big Leaders teaches the fundamentals of arithmetic to students aged 5 to 11years. We designed the programmes so they are very light hearted but fun for the child to learn. Many students tend to struggle with maths and this is often because they do not understand some of the basics. We aim to teach these to the students so they are in an excellent place to learn and retain that knowledge for future application at school or for assessments

Arithmetic can be fun and exciting once a child understands the rules. We aim to work with our students so they understand. The best way for the child to learn is through repetition. This takes time and all students need to undertake a small amount of work each day so they can master the mental arithmetic.

At Little Big Leaders we aim to provide stimulating material which will not only enhance the learning for each student but will also be fun to undertake. Many students work hard and we aim to provide them with the skills which enables them to break down the information and answer questions with confidence. Once a child understands the requirements then everything automatically should fall into place.


Study Centres

You can visit an educational centre near to where you are located at London Academy or Bushey Academy.

Call us now to book to attend an Open Day 020 3637 6266