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Phonics Reading Programme for Children


How to help your child to read

Our Phonics Reading Programme for Children is uniquely designed to teach children how to read and write via our uniquely designed structured phonics curriculum. The lessons take place on a Saturday during term time and our popular Summer School at one of our three tutoring centre of excellence – London Academy, Bushey Academy and Rickmansworth School. Students are taught how to read what they have written and we work with you to develop the full potential of that child.This means attending lessons weekly during term time or daily at our Summer School and undertaking the interactive phonics workbook for homework as instructed. Our Phonics Reading Programme for Children contains English phonics for children which helps them read. The pre-school reading programme incorporates many different interactive phonic activities which really stimulate learning in each lesson.

The Phonics Reading Programme helps children with their 5+ Assessment preparations which is vital for entry into some of the most prestigious schools.



The benefits of the Phonics Reading and Writing Programme for Children:-

  1. Learn how to use phonics for reading
  2. Use the correct phonics to read fluently
  3. Understand what the child has read and written
  4. Improve handwriting skills
  5. Improve levels of concentration



The course runs for a duration of 12 weeks during term time and 3 weeks during the Summer School. The design of the Phonics Reading Programme means children can join at any time, as we undertake an assessment prior to attending a lesson. Once assessed, they are allocated to an appropriate level for their reading ability. However, they must complete the work allocated in the phonic workbooks and the writing exercises for the duration of the programme as well as attend regularly.

We use a number of different reading interventions to help children feel confident in recognising the different phonic sounds and how to use apply that knowledge when reading complex words.


Phonics Reading Programme

When a child is taught from a young age to read and write, this may make a huge difference on their cognitive development as well as how they understand and interpret information. This is often evident when undertaking a comprehension exercise.


Other benefits of the Phonics Reading Programme for Children


1. Provide a wide variety of reading material

When a child starts to learn to read and write, it is advisable to also provide them with as much stimulation as possible other than just books. Every time you are out with your child encourage them to read different types of reading materials, like signs in a supermarket, maps, road signs, headlines in quality newspapers and read different styles of books to name a few. The more exposure your child has to these different items the more they are enhancing their reading skills and the ability to understand what they read.

2. Provide knowledge and information

To enable a child to understand the world we live in, it is vital they acquire the skill to be able to read and understand what they have read so they acquire that fundamental knowledge and information and are able to articulate what they have read.

3. Provides strong analytical skills

Once a child masters the skill of reading and writing they could further develop strong analytical skills. This could provide them with the ability to understand what they have read by working out a complex plot, well developed characters or interrelated scenes.



Course Duration

This could be for one, two or three terms, depending upon the child’s reading ability which is assessed at our Open Day at one of our 3 centres of tutoring excellence. Each term runs for a duration of 12 weeks and the Summer School runs for 3 weeks. Once we establish the child’s reading ability, which is a guide, we would them allocate them to a lesson appropriate to their reading age where they undertake reading interventions using phonics worksheets with other students of a similar ability. Here they can make new friends which enable them to enjoy their leaning.



Lesson Duration

Term Time Reading Programme – 2 hours per lesson with a short break
Summer School Reading Programme – 4 hours i.e. 2 hours teaching and 2 hours homework with periodic breaks.

Open Day

At our Open Day children undertake and assessment, attend a lesson and receive a FREE phonics worksheet. The Open Day events take place each Saturday during term time of which the dates are under the “Open Day & Presentation” section of the website. Attend an Open Day where your child can receive the FREE phonics worksheet, please call now on 02036376266 or email us on


We accept a variety of Childcare Vouchers should parents wish to pay via this payment method as we cannot reserve places because the demand for places is very high. We only have a set number of students attending our unique Phonics Reading Programme for Children at London Academy, Bushey Academy and Rickmansworth School, to ensure all those attending obtain the maximum amount of learning in the allocated time. You need to book early, due to the high demand for places. Please call now on 02036376266 or email us on