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Many children do the same thing each year and parents somehow expect them to improve. How can a child progress if they are doing the same thing each year? Sad to say this is the reality for some children and then when they become an adult, no plan is in place and again, they do the same thing each year and obtain the same results.

We have many children who come to us, where their parents say they leave their child to get on with their homework and there is no involvement from the parents or they do not know what their child did that day at school as they did not ask. It is vital to plan what happens to your child especially when it comes to their education. I am sure you have heard the saying, if you do not plan, then you plan to fail! How true do you think this statement is?

Well, now is the time to take action for your child and write some goals for your child right now……….. I bet you have never thought about writing goals for your child or even got them involved in writing some – this goes back to a reward chart – some of you may be laughing right now as you may have started one and now when you look for it, I bet you cannot find it or got too busy or your child gave up. Which one is it? Your child can never give up and we will not let you give up. Here is some suggested information in terms of writing some goals for your child.

What were your child’s biggest achievements last year?

What were your child’s magic moments last year?

What were your biggest disappointments last year?

What are the top 5 goals for your child this year?

What daily rituals do you need to do, to commit to your child achieving those goals?

What do they need to stop doing?

You know, maybe, you could also write some for yourself as this is a time to reflect and take action. Type them up, save them on your computer and refer back to them constantly logging your achievements. Time waits for nobody – not even for me! Like you, I am taking action by also writing goals for my children and also for me, as well as my family goals. Good idea – right! You can do the same.

Remember it is a great time of year to reflect on the education for your child and now is the time to help your child to learn to read and write, fluently or improve in their Maths and English. How about bringing your child to Little Big Leaders at our Edgware, Bushey or Rickmansworth location, where we help support you and help your child in a matter of weeks?


We want to support you and your child with their learning and therefore want to give you an amazing opportunity to attend one of our courses during term time or for our Summer School. Remarkable we hear you say! Well this opportunity is for your child, so you need to take action now and call us on 02036376266 straight away to let know you are interested.

Children require time and the right Reading Course which will help that child to accelerate when they attend that all important assessment day.

Benefits of Reading

  1. Focus helps children to sit and read a passage at a time so they can understand what they are reading and progress to reading a paragraph at a time the child is therefore focused on reading learning phonics blending the way this is an excellent way to help your child to focus.
  2. Improved writing when your child is writing a little every day it helps to strengthen the muscles in the arm and to help their stimulation to coordinate with the hand movement it is vital when teaching a child to read that they can also write what they can read this is a vital part of their development.
  3. Knowledge when a child begins to read for themselves they enter a whole new world of discovery this really helps expand their knowledge of the world around them external to their own world.

Benefits of Maths

  1. Maths skills – children are provided with various maths skills which enable them to undertake numerical reasoning problem solving time it gives them the confidence to apply that knowledge and to see some really great results.
  2. Increased learning – we provide children with numerical problem-solving strategies and they apply their knowledge to work out their solution effectively in a specified time.

Make sure you write the goals for your child today and get them involved as your child may surprise you as many parents are encouraged by their child wanting to return to Little Big Leaders as their children notice they are accelerating at school. Minimise the risk and set those goals. The moment you make the decision to do something about either their education or their activities or their future you will feel better.

If education is one of your most important goals for your child, then bring them in to Little Big Leaders at our Edgware, Bushey or Rickmansworth location, this Saturday if your child needs help right now with their Reading, Maths or English. We make it affordable for you, so your child learns quickly with professional tutors and quality workbooks. If you also know a parent looking for the same support, then we are happy for you to forward this email to them. It is important to help parents ready to take action and help their child immediately.


This is an opportunity for your child and you need to take action now and call us on 02036376266 straight away to let know you are interested or sign up straight away.



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