How to help your child improve in maths

Maths Course for Children

Little Big Leaders teaches the fundamentals of mental arithmetic to pupils aged 5 to 11 years. We designed the Maths course to enable children to have the confidence to learn and understand new methods. Some pupils struggle with maths concepts because they do not understand some of the basics. We aim to teach these to pupils and also to stretch high fliers so all our learners are in an excellent place to retain knowledge for future application at school or for the 5+, 7+ or 11+ Assessments.

The benefits of undertaking the Maths Course for Children:-

  1. Improve mental arithmetic
  2. Understand the different methods used in Maths
  3. Builds confidence in the application of new and different methods
  4. Assessment preparation for the 5+, 7+ and 11+
  5. Help pupils to undertake problem solving questions with confidence
  6. Course aligned with the National Maths Curriculum
  7. Professionally drafted material

Arithmetic can be fun and exciting once a child understands the rules. We aim to work with our pupils so they understand. The best way for a child to learn is through repetition. This takes time and all pupils need to undertake a small amount of work each day to ensure they master mental arithmetic.

At Little Big Leaders many pupils remain with us for years. We aim to provide stimulating material which will not only enhance learning for each pupil but will also challenge pupils academically. Many pupils work hard and we will provide them with the skills to break down information and answer questions with confidence. Little Big Leaders pupils have been successful in the 5+, 7+ or 11+ and gained entry to some of the most prestigious schools in London.

Summary of the Maths Course

  • Children aged 5 to 11 years
  • 2 hour maths session
  • Small groups of children
  • Maths booklet provided
  • Maths course for primary school children
  • Term time – Saturday, Summer and Winter School
  • High impact learning
  • Relevant curriculum topics taught regularly via effective teaching techniques

Lesson Duration – Maths

During Term Time, pupils can sign up for either 2 hours of Maths or English or sign up for both for a duration of 4 hours.

The Summer School Programme includes both Maths and English for 4 hours i.e. 2 hours Maths and 2 hours English

Open Days

At our Open Days, children undertake an assessment, attend a lesson and receive worksheets. The Open Days take place each Saturday during term time - the dates are under the “Open Day” section of the website. To attend an Open Day and receive your FREE worksheets, please call now on 02036376266 or email us on

Make a Booking

We accept a variety of Childcare Vouchers. If parents wish to pay via this method, we regret that we are are unable to reserve places when demand for places is high. We only have a set number of pupils per class attending our unique Maths and/or English Course at London Academy and Bushey Academy to enable all those attending to receive maximum support and challenge. Please always book early to avoid disappointment.

Call now on   02036376266 (24/7 call handling service – weekdays and weekends)