Make A Booking


To enrol your child you can either come to the London Academy and your child can undertake an assessment to establish their level of ability and which class they will be allocated to. While they undertake an assessment, you can attend a presentation to see what we do and see some of the material used by the students. The assessment is only a guide and when a child demonstrates they are ready for the next level of learning we move them up to the lesson appropriate to their level.


To secure a place for your child we recommend payment is made either online or at the centre. When making the payment online, you will be required to complete the Enrolment Form. You also have the option to complete the Enrolment Form and bring it to the centre when you attend an Open Day.


We are now taking bookings for our Term Time sessions, Summer and Winter Schools. You can enrol your child to attend these programmes by completing the Enrolment form. We look forward to seeing your child on one of our courses. If you require, more details then email us at or call us now on 020 3637 6266 to attend an Open Day.