Winter School

Give your child the best opportunity to succeed

Students undertake timed mock assessment papers each day in preparation for those all important assessments. This really challenges the student and makes a huge difference when they actually undertake their assessments. When each student actually undertakes their actual assessment, they know how to answer the questions and therefore fell more confident and able to complete papers in the allocated time with great results.


How to book the 5+ 7+ & 11+ Winter School

We are now taking bookings for the 5+ 7+ & 11+ Winter School.
Please call NOW on 020 3637 6266 as there are a limited number of places.


5+ 7+ & 11+ Winter School Location

The London Academy
Spur Road


5+ 7+ & 11+ Winter School Dates

Day 1 Saturday 9th December 2017
Day 2 Saturday 16thDecember 2017
Day 3 Thursday 23rd  December 2017
Day 4 Friday 29th December 2017
Day 5 Saturday 30th December


5+ 7+ & 11+ Winter School Fee



The 5+ 7+ and 11+ Winter School is a great time of year to study if your child is undertaking their assessments. The 5+ 7+ and 11+ assessments are extremely important and we like to think the right kind of preparation adds tremendous value. Students feel more confident, understand what is required and able to apply that knowledge under assessment conditions.

Preparation needs to be structured, concise and relevant. We therefore recommend where possible they undertake the 5+ 7+ or 11+ Programme prior to attending the Winter School as this will show them how to understand the required methods and then the Winter School provides them with the skill of applying that knowledge to answer questions fluently within an allocated time.

For the 5+ 7+ preparation we cover Maths and English and for the 11+ Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning all in just 5 days of learning but also make it fun for the students. The lessons take place in a great learning environment and one which is provided by a trained tutor with other students at a similar level. We recommend you book early as the places do go quickly on this specialist programme for the 5+ 7 + and 11+ preparation course. Please call now to book a place for your child on 020 3637 6266.