Does your child need help with their English?

Teaching English

Our English Course is designed specifically to add value by improving vocabulary, spelling, grammar and spoken English for primary school children, aged 5 to 11 years. The course runs for a duration of 12 weeks and lasts for 2 hours per Saturday during term time or at our Summer and Winter School.

We tutor students preparing for the following assessments:-




Professional tutors teach English and go the extra mile to make a difference.

The benefits of undertaking the English Course for Children:-

  1. Improve vocabulary, spelling, grammar and punctuation
  2. To learn the fundamentals of the structure of a story
  3. To understand what makes an amazing story
  4. How to read and understand the principles of completing a comprehension
  5. Improve spoken English
  6. Structured lessons and learning resources
  7. Assessment preparation at the 5+, 7+ and 11+

Prior to students undertaking the English course, they would attend an Open Day, where we undertake assessments to establish which level ability the student should attend. Our courses are based on level ability and the age of the child. The two combined, compliments where the student is and provides the basis of what more they need to learn. We use this as the benchmark for the assessments. It must be noted that these assessments are just a guide and are by no means fixed. We are aware students are exposed to different learning environments, whether this be their school, home or private tutoring. This could impact on the assessment in that there maybe some elements they may have already covered and we aim to establish the elements they are yet to learn which are the missing gaps.


The English Language is complex to learn and one which is used and taught throughout the world and there is also business English which many learn so they can transact in English. We also tutor students whose first language is not English and here again the key fundamentals of vocabulary, spelling, grammar and spoken English are taught.

We aim to teach the foundations of English which incorporates grammar, spelling, creative writing and different styles of writing as well as comprehension. The latter being fundamental as we start this process from a very young age with a basic text for a child to understand and think about the meaning of the contents so they can answer the questions. Student remain with us for a long time and as they grow older the material becomes more complex and challenging.

We aim to provide English booklets containing quality material and the tutor teaches the examples. The student is guided by the tutor, and then they work through the worksheets in the English booklet. The aim is to stretch the student further preparing them for those all-important fundamental assessments.

We make the lessons fun for the students so they enjoy the learning experience contributing towards life-long learning for each student. To receive the optimum results, they return term after term.

We recommend the student undertakes the Maths and English course to really develop their full potential.


Summary of the English Course

  • Children aged 5 to 11 years
  • 2 hour English session
  • Small groups of children
  • Premium Quality English booklets provided
  • English course for primary school children
  • High valuable impact learning
  • Relevant curriculum topics taught via effective teaching techniques
  • Term time – Saturday, Summer and Winter School



Lesson Duration –English

During the Term Time, students can undertake either 2 hours of English or Maths or undertake both which will be for a duration of 4 hours.

Term Time Maths and English Course – 4 hours per lesson with a short break
Summer School Maths and English Programme – 4 hours i.e. 2 hours Maths and 2 hours English

Open Day

At our Open Day children undertake an assessment, attend a lesson and receive worksheets. The Open Day events take place each Saturday during term time of which the dates are under the “Open Day & Presentation” section of the website. Attend an Open Day where your child can receive the FREE worksheets, please call now on 02036376266 or email us on

Make a Booking

We accept a variety of Childcare Vouchers should parents wish to pay via this payment method as we cannot reserve places because the demand for places is very high. We only have a set number of students attending our unique Maths and English Course at London Academy and Bushey Academy, to ensure all those attending obtain the maximum amount of learning in the allocated time. You need to book early, due to the high demand for places.

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