Your child deserve more when it comes to Reading, Writing Maths and English. Many children miss out on some really great opportunities which can really benefit their learning. Children need time to learn in a great environment with some really amazing tutors.

Real Results – 5+, 7+ & 11+

Little Big Leaders is a premium product which prides itself in having some of the best tutors who really take time to care for students they tutor and ensure they learn using their high impact, expertly written Worksheets, contained in their booklets. They provide weekly bite sized learning for each student attending regularly each Saturday for 2 or 4 hours or during their popular Summer School with some real results. Many of our students go onto some of the most prestigious schools to.

They have 3 amazing locations in North London which are easy to reach:-




Each tutoring centre of excellence has ample FREE parking, with a safe and effective learning environment.

Benefits of attending the Phonics with Writing Course for Children


  1. Learn how to use phonics for reading
  2. Use the correct phonics to read fluently
  3. Understand what the child has read and written
  4. Improve handwriting skills
  5. Improve levels of concentration


Benefits of attending the Maths Course for Children – 5+,7+ & 11+

  1. Improve mental arithmetic
  2. Understand the different methods used in Maths
  3. Builds confidence in the application of new and different methods
  4. Assessment preparation at the 5+, 7+ and 11+
  5. Help students to undertake problem solving questions with confidence
  6. Course aligned with the National Maths Curriculum
  7. Professionally drafted material


Benefits of attending the English Course – 5+, 7+ & 11+

  1. Improve vocabulary, spelling, grammar and punctuation
  2. To learn the fundamentals of the structure of a story
  3. To understand what makes an amazing story
  4. How to read and understand the principles of completing a comprehension
  5. Improve spoken English
  6. Structured lessons and learning resources
  7. Assessment preparation at the 5+, 7+ and 11+


Wealth of Knowledge

Little Big Leaders have a wealth of knowledge provided by our expert tutors keen to tutor your child on our Phonics with Writing or Maths and English Course. The demand for our courses is extremely high and we really want to help support your child during their pre and primary school years. What’s more amazing is that we want to offer you the opportunity to have you child assessed in their Reading, Maths or English.

FREE Trial Session

Because we value you, it would be amazing for your child to attend one of our Phonics with Writing or Maths and English Course and we would like to invite you to attend one of our Open Day sessions. At the Open Day, your child will undertake a FREE assessment when we provide you with a FREE consultation to provide the feedback. They also get the opportunity to attend a lesson which provides huge value. We want your child to discover their full potential.


You need to act now as there is a huge demand for places