Are you struggling trying to help your child learn their number bonds or write a compelling story or read a paragraph with expression and fluently?  Do you spend hours upon hours with them and when you’ve finished, they look at you with a blank face?  When you keep doing the same thing with your child and they are not progressing, don’t you think it is about time you do something different and get amazing results for your child?


At Little Big Leaders, we know you desperately want to help your child and feel frustrated that they are just not getting it. You are keen and go through the first example with your child. You ask if they understand and they say, “Yes”. You leave them to complete the rest, go back and check on them after say, about 10-15 minutes and they’ve sketched a face at the top of their paper and not completed the rest of the task. What do you do?

You know you have to cook the dinner and them put your younger child to bed, plus do the accounts for yourself or your husband’s business. At the stage when you establish your child has not completed the task, all you feel like doing is crying. You’re now wondering how you can help your child understand how to complete their homework correctly.


Little Big Leaders really wants to help you and more importantly your child, as soon as possible! We want your child to be able to know their number bonds, know their times tables, know how to write an amazing story as well as read their phonics fluently. We want your child to be disciplined to take their homework workbooks, sit down and confidently complete each task set. We want you to be able to offer your child the help they need and be happy knowing you can leave them to complete it correctly, plus get the accounts for your business or your husband’s finished on time also!

At Little Big Leaders, we take the stress out of learning. We support each child who attends regularly at one of our Educational Centres in EdgwareBushey or Rickmansworth. Students are tutored in small groups which maximises the learning process for each child. Little Big Leaders go through the numeracy reasoning in detail along with the number bondstimes tablesstory writing and reading and loads more…. We also undertake a huge amount of work on grammar, spellingpunctuation as well as preparation for the 5+, 7+ and 11+ and loads more……..

Little Big Leaders only have a few places left on the Autumn Term 2017 and if you want to help your child and make an instant difference, do something different immediately and take advantage of the 50% biggest discount offer now. You know it makes sense to help your child, immediately.

How it works 

Your child will attend  in – Maths, English or Phonics with Writing, of our 6 x 2 hour lessons each Saturday until Saturday 2nd December inclusive, which means they receive 12 hours, strong tutoring – face to face with professional tutors in an amazing environment and receive a workbook as well, at one of our local educational centres:-

Visit your nearest Education Centre:-

 London Academy 

Spur Road 



Bushey Academy

London Road


WD23 3AA


Rickmansworth School

Scots Hill




Let’s be honest, I am sure you would agree, this is a huge saving Little Big Leaders are giving you, as we want your child to succeed. Do you want your child to succeed? It is an investment in your child’s future and now more than ever, you need this 5% discount to help your child! Turn your child’s life around and take advantage of this amazing 5% discount offer right now – who would say no to such an offer to help their child? Sounds incredible? What would you say, if we offered to help you? Call now to find out.


T: 020 3637 6266